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So ends a decade of fat

I entered into my 20’s a trim specimen capable of running long distances, working without a shirt if need be and visiting the beach without fear of harpoons. I was 6’2″ 180lbs at 20, a little underweight, a runner’s body with little to no real muscles, especially upper body muscles.

During the roaring 20’s i settled down, stopped walking nearly as much (driver’s license at 22) and got a fulltime job, fulltime wife and 1.5 fulltime kids. The rest of kiddo number 2 is due in july. But i also started my 20’s with a pair of knee surgeries which i have blamed for everything since. Yes i gained a lovely 45 pounds after the second surgery, and the prolonged laying around a knee surgery required.

All of that is over excuses are done, and if i want to be able to run the bases with my kids, keep up with my very fit wife or survive and thrive beyond today then changes need to be made. I’m not stupid enough to think anything is going to change overnight but i need to stop making excuses for bad behavior.

To the gym, mind the meals. I’m 30 today still 6’2″ but also a very unhealthy 270 lbs. Same height but 90 pounds… not good. I also got a guitar for my birthday what self respecting rock legend lets himself go before superstardom?

Today, this very moment i’m 360 months old, about time for a turn around

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