Hitting My Stride: Night time is dee right time

Well i finally feel like I’m feeling like doing work and moving about. So in the last two hours i got more done than the previous 6… go figure.

On tap for this weekend. Arasafa Farms haunted hayride.

and A double shot of bars tonite
Temple University’s Draught Horse
Whiskey Tango in the Far Northeast

Friday Blues

Ever have one of those days. Those days where you have the beginnings of a coffee headache, not enough time to do anything and tons to do… but you don’t do a damn thing? Well thats today. Been feeling a little lethargic lately. Should be a good weekend though. I’m all about the fall and this is shaping up to be a GRRRRREAT fall weekend.

Yahoo! News – Google’s New Program Searches Hard Drives

Yahoo! News – Google’s New Program Searches Hard Drives

Google Your Machine. You to can now google your PC just as quick as you search the internet. Seriously why didn’t anyone think of this before?

Just think this is what Windows was GOING to do in their next OS, but decided against it so they could get done quicker…. maybey they should just have waited for someone else to do it and yoink it. Just wait they might do it yet

Yahoo! News – Bush, Kerry Duel Over Jobs, Health Care

Yahoo! News – Bush, Kerry Duel Over Jobs, Health Care
Some Days thee debates look more like rockem sockem robots between tap[e recorders than anything actually useful. I don’t think i’ve actually gotten anything useful from it…

Non-Partisan information which takes its sources from the canidates themselves.

BTW Bushy, and Kerry neither one of them filled out the survey you have to do a bit more digging. so who are you voting against?

Everything Works Now

Finally got all the kinks woked out on the Blog will soon start shooting up actual information… really i swear it will be entertaining… ok it will be the same mindless drivel everyone else writes only it will be MY Mindless drivel… is anyone even paying attention? probably not…