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George Carlin, Bilabial Fricative Master

I’ve been reading tribute after tribute to George Carlin these last few days, some of them profane, a couple of them profound, Kevin Smith did it up right. I’m not going to put out a profanity laden tribute, its just not my style. I’ve been know to throw down a bleep here or there but anything more than a casual shit reference would be out of character for me.

I was introduced to my Carlin through my parents and the wonder of Vinyl. They had a copy of the re released version of George Carlin: Take Offs and Put Ons. Its a clean act, one of the few. But it is a full introduction to the deviant Carlin sense of Humor. I had a DMCA illegal copy of the album on a cassette tape I played almost daily during my commute to and from middle school, 6th grade specifically.  I wore two copies of that recording out. I have multiple video’s DVD’s and LP’s of his work and two of his three books.

I would not hesitate to say more than any other comedian or entertainer he gave voice to my thoughts on the world and brought to life the way i would have described the world if if could have. Everyone seems to remember him for his 7 dirty words or profanity laced tirades. I remember his works as examples of razor sharp wit, blinding intelligence and a cutting calculation of what he saw in front of him. I could quote probably 90% of his bits to you, and describe in detail the differences between the versions he used in specials. Looking at the entertainment i enjoy he is probably the closest thing going to an Idol or Hero i had in modern entertainment.

When I heard he passed right after i had finished recording the latest CaffiNation, I was stunned and two days later I still am. I don’t subscribe to the cult of celebrity, I am usually not affected deeply when they pass. But for some reason this has me shaken up. It could be that his observations have helped to shape the lens i view the world through, or it could just be the sadness for never having seen him preform live.

Last night I spent the late part of the night alone in my garage painting some trim for a project I’m working on at home listening to record after record on the only working record player in the house. I was a great way to pass the time. Thanks for the observations, and the laughs George. You will be missed.

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My Favorite early sketch… The Indian Sargent

Bilabial Fricative ? explanation at 3:20