You know I consider myself a generally hip fellow I’m up with all the new kids lingo, even if some of them have never heard of some of my slang. I called someone a “smacked ass” the other day and I got nothing but blank stares from the room. I know I’m older then most of the students I manage but I’m only 24 this is scary…

that’s not what I came to tell you about however I came to talk about Wired’s latest magazine. Not only do I really enjoy the content of their magazine but even the adds are stylish. I’ve been reading wired for probably about 5 or 6 years and have subscribed for about 3 on the current ticket but today I received my copy with a AUDIO CD I was freakin beside myself this is awesome has some cool tracks and some eh ones but generally lik this, hey Wired feel free to beef up the content like this more frequently… The CD fit into the cover story on copy right protection and some artists more open source approach to that… As I sit using an open source browser to comment. On it. Good stuff

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