Trains planes and Automobiles.

Well i spent most of yesterday siiting either waiting to take my car into the shop or waiting for it to get done. Turns out it was a rather simple sensor… i wasted a day for a sensor which mysteriously came loose… sigh

Anyway on to today. I’ve spent most of today handholding people who should no better in work now i don’t want to get on a rant here but listen if there is a sign saying a piece of hardware in not functioning, and there was, do NOT A.) beat on it, that makes it angry, B.) ad subtext under the sign stating your disgust at the lack of availability of said hardware, C.) continue to attempt to use this piece of machinery… making the problem worse. They plugged it back in, hooked it back up to the network and turned it the hell back on… then wonder why we don’t have nice things… I spend 60 % of my time here fixing old crap which incompetant people have broken… sigh. daily rant over

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