Defining terms

Check this out. A defining week in my life of sorts. I seem to love the underdogs a bit too muh anymore. So far over the past 7 – 10 days i have backed or cheered for all of the following
a.) Failed bid on the presidency,
b.)Leyland for manager of the Phillies, they went another direction,
c.) Millersville football to win while i was there supporting my sister’s school,
d.)Temple footbal to win, ok this was a longshot and in no way a dissapointment more an affirmation of sanity
e.)Two 76er’s games
f.) my beloved eagles to win… sobs quietly

Alright so far i’m 0-7 this week. Mayhaps Hockey will start up and change my luck, but i’m no mood for false hopes at this point. I could attempt to use my powers for good and start hopeing for things that people don’t want to happen as an insurance policy against their occuring. Food for thought.

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