Round trip ticket

“Whilst I was a child I thought as a child spake as a child. But now that I am a man I put away childish things.”

It is truly amazing how life brings things full circle. Whilst I was in collage I was convinced of my own orginality. I thought different acted different and wanted to be different from others. I hung out with like minded individuals, we even assembled at a certain place on campus. We were a fixture at said location.

I now work at that very same university, even though I am only 2 years removed from the experience there are only two or three people left on campus from my whole carreer as a student. I walked by our old haunt today on my way to a meeting and hear people who looked like we did back then speaking as we did, about the same topics, in the same manner. I guess I wasn’t original at all now was I. by refusing to conform I was conforming to the non-conformist sect.

My hair is now 18″ shorter, I have expanded the color selection in my wardrobe beyond black and shades thereof, and finally I have lost one of the two ear piercing I had. In all appearences a respectable person. I wonder how I’ll look back on these years.

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