Funny or bust

There are times in your life when every fiber of your mind swears you should be laughing your ass off… But your just not. Went with some people today to see Jim Bruer. Funny guy, funny DVD, loved SNL bits.

Alright so it was at a horrible venue. Sounded like a lunchroom. The Trocedero. Just not an establishment crafted for a spoken word show. Secondly we had about 4 middle aged, obviously drunk people yelling through the entire show. As I said what I could hear was funny but I was expecting to wet myself with how hard I’ve laughed at this dude in the past.

Comics go through two distinct stages. 1.) Young people damn the man and all that good stuff. 2.) Older people, kid stories funny wife jokes ect.
Bruer is in between those two stages right now and is searching for a voice. As I said it could very well have been the venue but I was not impressed

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