We can’t handle a winner

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages It has come to pass the lo the Philadelphia Eagles are yet again a winner. One more win and they match Vegas’ predictions for the season. And we have 5 games after that. Impressive.

It has been noted that Boston Red Sox fans so identify with failure and rooting for the looser that they can’t take the stress of winning. And that for some people it might have been better if they had screwed up.

I’ll tell you what you want to see some confused and yet happy people have the Eagles go to and with the big game and I guarantee you Boston will not hold a candle to the bedlam Philadelphia will showcase. Hell we have been dragging up the last team to PLAY in a big game for nostalgia. How pathetic are we, but god I love this town.

This town needed a winner and a cause to cheer for thank you Eagles for giving us one. Now on the behalf of every man, woman and child in Philly I say with all the heartfelt enthusiasm that you has grown accustomed to… Don’t screw up.

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