The holidays loom

Look overhead its a bird its a plane, its the HOLIDAYS!!!

I absolutely hate and loathe the holidays anymore. For one reason an one reason only. I can’t stand how they get shoved down our throats. As of two weeks ago two radio stations local to me started playing Christmas music 24/7. I will not mention their names so as to not give them the satisfaction of advertising their idiocy. Hallmark, that bastard child of niche gifts and quaint cards has had their ornaments out since June!, JUNE!!!

I used to love the holidays snow, presents, even church music got good for a bit. But I tell you I will kill the next sales person i see in a Santa hat, I need to see a crisped bird on the table smothered in gravy and relatives fighting over who spent how much time where before i think about the “Politically correct non religious holiday” season.

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