Weekend be gone

Ah we now sit upon the cusp of yet another work week. No this is not nor shall it turn into the shortened work week. Despite the obvious media interest in turning our thoughts toward dropping every dime we own into to flow of commerce, we must once again turn our thoughts toward work and the things which we should have been accomplishing the past week but put off because after all it was a short week.

long weekends while once the boon of every school-sick child’s dreams now turn into nightmarish episodes for the slightly older individuals who must of course visit every god forsaken relative who had the decency to cook this past weekend. I vote for everyone staying to themselves for just one weekend. Much like divers who have to come up in stages or else risk injuring themselves I feel like I too must decompress. Not have anything to do for a day or two, not need to focus on longterm goals but just chill.

we all need to take one last deep breath before the slugfest which is the holidays starts back up in full force, Christmas parties, malls, mall parking holiday travels elves, bells and store shelves. Once more into the breach men one more into the breach.

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