So Goes the Day

Ok So things have been a little “Sketchy” Lately trying to keep up with the blog so i’ll give it a go again. Some minor Updates then a little caffeine induced Rantage. Was sick for several days which dropped my coffee intake from a respectable pot a day, 4 large cups, to nothing for three days. I subsited only on naturally decaf tea. Now I like tea as much as the next guy but when I need the juice I need the juice. I had a lackluster several days culminating in a series of surly episodes at work. But all I right in the world again and I am once again caffinated.

Ok now let me set a couple of people in the world straight on some things before the week gets too old. I’m getting a little sick and tired of people not that much younger than me and what they deem is entitled to them I had to work for most of what I got in college and while I might not have been the best of students I did my part to plan ahead to a certain extent. So don’t get all snippy with me when I won’t drop everything I’m doing because your assignment is currently a hour late and you need things done now. You should have either gotten some sleep and put quality time in on the project, started earlier, or not been so much a perfectionist. If I was a professor I would give people who turned shit in on time a bonus, ie I would deduct 5 points from whoever turned it in late, a letter grade a day for every day after the first. Why should you get more time to work on your things when other people busted their ass and still got it in on time. Are you going to tell your boss you’ll have it three hours late when he’s meeting with the client now? No you’ll suck it up and turn in what you have, look presentable and professional doing it or your ass will be eating government cheese quicker than I typed this rant.


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