Grab a Cup and Sit Down

I hope everyone is Sufficiently caffeinated at the moment cause I feel a rant brewing.

A couple of things have been sticking in my craw lately and I’m afraid that I’m under doctors orders to let some of them out. First up this inning is the News and the sensationalism currently gripping every channel. Ok I understand you want ratings, ok I understand that you are not paid unless advertisers drop their two cents in. But I draw the line at some of the recent tricks being dropped on us the viewing audience.

First off it is the begining of December and the temp is sitting around 55 degrees, this does not now nor should it ever initiate a Weather Alert!!, Do not cut into my halftime show of a football game to tell me we have a possibility of snow tomorrow, do not tell me how many people died today. Did they die at the game? No then shut the hell Up and let me watch the game and game related shows. Oh yeah and the snow these idiots promised… Yeah it was 4 hours away in the freakin MOUNTAINS, no shit it snows there, it always does, they have weather alerts when it doesn’t. So sit down shut up and wait for people to tune in to your drivel at 10 or 11.

One more item on news coverage before we roll on, this “Only on this Channel & First heard it here” bullcrap has to stop. Either the story is so overblown and unimportant that no one else would cover it or other people are covering it and you just don’t want to admit it. The medical emergencies that appear nightly are also asinine, in the past year there may have been two total stories which we actually worth putting on. Some stations actually have to have a doctor on their news team to tell the idiots at home that the recent medical report actually only had two people in the study. Guess what if you only ask two people and one of them has a cold of course its going to look like a freakin plague… jeeze

Last item before my coffee gets cold I am sick and tired of Moral crusades. Some things are generally bad and need mentioning but others are only minorly bothersome. Gay marriage for one, guess what people… Is the reception in your house? No then Shut the hell up and deal with it. TV Shows which offend people, two words, DON’T WATCH. Lord how hard is it to turn the channel. And lastly when you scapegoat people or a singular person such as Howard Stern, {{Aside}} not that I’m a fan but drop the old “I may not agree with what you say but I’ll defend your right to say it”, {{/aside}} you make them pay for paltry offenses because they technically didn’t do anything wrong. Not to categorize Stern this way but its akin to sending Mafia types up for tax evasion. FCC grow a set, create legitimate guidelines, ie don’t say Shit, Fuck ect and enforce them. The first rule of law is that it must be enforceable. try that mental exercise out before you attempt to crucify people because a couple upset mother’s pitched a fit.

::sips:: ah Coffee is now cool enough to drink Until next time people

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