Time Management

Today’s soup is going to be a nice steaming bowl of irritation with a side of snide comments. Hold the gripes if you please.

Alright the latest thing to get to me, the peeve of the moment so to speak, is the insistence on corporate America to have an accounting of every second one spends on a given task. This introduces the 1: 8 ratio as I like to call it. For every one minute of work I churn out I am expected to spend 8 minutes documenting my travels, thoughts, and whether or not I met my goals. Guess what, one day when I meet my goals I’m going to introduce them to my peeves then we’ll see some action. My job is focused on keeping people happy. i.e. If you don’t hear them bitching then I’m doing fine. So rather than having me justify my existence to the god paper trails how about judging me by asking the people I provide support for. This would be something akin to a customer review, or a reseller rating for tech support? No?

BTW new feature coming soon the caffeinator a visual index of the caffeination level I’m currently sitting at.

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