Sans Caffine

Ok so with a discernable lack of Coffee and caffeine containing products in my bloodstream at the moment I shall venture forward.

Again the comments this week stems from Football. I heard radio personalities last night make mention of the by now more than infamous T.O. promo for Monday Night Football. They did so using it as a point of reference nothing more. However it got me thinking. Just in passing mind you but it was there. Now I take issue to this for two very important reasons. First-off last night while watching the game I saw commercials for Erectile Dysfunction and Genital Herpes. Now tell me what mother would rather explain V.D. to her kid than why some lady in a towel was in the Eagles Locker-room?

Where are these mothers when feminine odor commercials come on? I’m serious the only reason that people are allowed to blow things such as that incident out of proportion is because there is no corporate sponsorship behind it. Seemingly Offensive commercials rarely get pulled because they pay for TV. Seemingly offensive TV Promos are pulled because it will scare advertisers, nothing else. There is something seriously wrong with this system and it needs to be addressed.

B.T.W. the coffee is ready now so I’ll be fine in a minute.

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