But we have thumbs!

Adaptability: it is the one singular hallmark of the human race. Why is it that people tend to be so set in their ways that they have trouble changing habits, behaviors and reactions? I’m not talking rocket science here or suddenly being expected to calculate a shuttle re-entry. I’m talking about minor adjustments to the way i function.

Upon a suggestion of a friend I started to use a trackball instead of a mouse for my laptop to save myself some aggravation. It also happened to be the perfect fit for a cluster of servers which I work on. Ok so out of the three stations in my office where I can use a computer, one has a mouse and two have trackballs. I am quite honestly having a hard time dealing with this. My thumb keeps moving to the side on the mouse and spinning nothing and I keep trying to move the entire trackpad.

This is simple stuff here. Why am I simply unable to function? Sigh I’m supposed to be the Computer guy, switch my mouse and I’m back to “did you forget to plug it in” level. I’ll get this yet. And don’t even get me started on my new toy at home the wireless keyboard, I damn near pulled the server down on my head this morning trying to rock back in my seat to work. That would have hurt.

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