Catching up on news

Its been 5 days since i posted here and Things have happened which need to be address. First off my condolences go out to anyone who lives in Southeast Asia or knows people who do. The disaster which struck there has no parallel and words cannot express the remorse everyone feels. Secondly a great person from Philadelphia’s recent past has passed on. Reggie thanks for the Games, and the oft mentioned contributions off the field.

Brings me to the minor rant of the moment. Baggage people at Philly Intl better get their collective shit together right quick. Between a Mayor who routinely submarines the city, see this article for an example. Philly Inquirer and his brother who somehow makes his living off the airport I have come to the conclusion we are doomed. Just bring in the state to run us. This city has too much history and beauty to tank like this. Unions are greedy, the politicking is corrupt, and the schools are horrible. I should know I am a product of those same schools, have worked in and with the unions, and seen the politics from the inside. It grieves me to see my fair city sink slowly into a cesspool. C’mon Philly get your shit together.

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