Lowest Common Denominator (LCD): In technology or any service industry this is the common term, or at least the one I use, to describe the base skill-set you work from. This means that the lowest level of understanding you expect from someone to be able to function. In life this could be if you go to a restraint you know how to eat with utensils, if you are driving it means you can turn the car on and know
which pedal is the gas and brake.

In computers if a user calls me I need to assume certain things in order to make my job easier. Such as being able to turn the computer on, knowing what a disk is, keyboard ect. You get the idea. I never thought I had a high standard for people to live up to. But every once in a while you meet or interact with someone so god-awfully below the LCD that you can do little but twitch and make chirping noises. For god’s sake people know what a disk is, know what the word click means, have a vague idea what right and left are and I can help you. When I say burn a CD I do not mean light the bitch on fire, I do not mean sauté it lovingly, nor fricassee. Drag, and drop is not simply a way to move furniture. And the last thing, which has wedged itself inside my craw and set up camp, is the Start button. When I say click on the start button in the lower left hand corner of your screen, and you push the power button turning off the computer I believe it should be my right, no my solemn duty, to remove you from society lest you breed.

“Since his last review this employee has reached rock bottom, and has started to dig”

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