The wind up and …

Hey there Ladies and germs are you ready for some espresso java this morning. Short, bittersweet and potent.
I am absolutely done going out of my way to help people. Word spreads people then flock to your side like you are some type goddamn digital messiah. Oh please lord save me from my own stupidity. Please rescue me from my sins of installing whatever crap pops up on my screen as I surf the internet. I promise I won’t do it again.
Ya know what…
You all get laptops with no keyboards, and no mice. The only thing you people are capable of doing is watching a screensaver. SO that’s all you get. And guess what if you drop it tough shit, you don’t get another one so sit down watch the blinking lights and relax your life has no meaning. If your really special I give you an etch-a-sketch. You have to earn Keyboards.

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