No More Poor Me

Every once in a while I get a little down on myself. Usually stems from reasons like being unhappy with my appearance, to feeling cut off in work. Stress usually plays a major role in it. I can always tell when its going to be a “great week” when my eyelid starts twitching. Sounds funny, and I swear the twitches get worse the more stress I get. These past two weeks I have not gone a day without the twitch and I had a couple days were both eyes twitched. For those who know me I bitch a lot… for those of you who read this, all 4 of you, know that. But every once in a while a story stops and makes you think.

Read this and think

Now I identify with my Philly Sports Teams, I live and breath playoff football, hockey, baseball and I’ll even bandwagon the Basketball team from time to time. I watch every reguilar season game of each of those first three that I can. So that sort of hit me… I’m not so bad off after all.

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