Strange Days

With non-stop work around here of late the blog has fallen into disarray. Lots of things to cover lets try the three words Game.
1.)Lets Go Eagles
2.)Love the iPod
3.) People are Dumb
4.)Really Really Dumb

ok so that didn’t last to long now did it. I guess i might want to elaborate. nothing is getting under my skin more lately than people who don’t take the time to ask questions. Yes i’ll look at you funny if the question is silly. But if you break rules, lie, screw things up, damage property or anything else considered not a generally fun or happpy result of your ignorance I will verbally eviscerate you… Which one would you prefer. Please people if you don’t know whats going on, a well placed question could save you, and the people who have the unfortunate luck of being around you, a lot of trouble.

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