They all wait at the same speed. Part Duex

I had a lovely post all worked out earlier and tried to post it but to no avail…

It was poignant spelled correctly and to the point. This one, not so much. I am constantly struck by the fact that n the high flying world of computers that we are constantly and consistently complained to regarding the length of time it takes to do things. Computers today are faster than one could have possible conceived of in 1990, but software is vastly more complex. Maybe one side or the other should take some time off. Perhaps the software people should take the odd numbered years to release things and the hardware people the evens. Maybe then it would seem like we were making progress in waiting less.
Just checked it seemed that the article was posted after all. So consider this an addendum.
Today has been spent waiting bereft of the benefit of status devices. I am convinced that the last time I preformed this task a little text message printed on the terminal 10…20…30…40{and so on} And after waiting for 30 minutes I get nothing.

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