They all wait at the same speed

No matter what it is that you are doing if you need to wait for something to finish it always seems to take forever. The watched pot syndrome which affects computer users is well documents. The spinning hourglass of the PC, the pinwheel of the Mac, or the omnipresent progress bar, all are a testament to that syndrome. Look I’m busy see the spinning disk, see you’re now at 50% done.
If it was really a progress bar don’t you think it would have become something better by now? My commodore 64 had a damn progress bar. Now was does my Spiffy G4 Laptop, a billion times faster with thousands of more colors still have it? I want developers to make some headway on this front no more bars. How about creating a countdown clock which gives you an accurate reading of the time remaining? 38 minutes for a windows install… bullshit. 10 more second to download a patch to my Mac, how’s about you do it rather than wasting time changing it from 30 seconds left to 10. Hows about we implement a system which gives users an educational game to play during installations, or a quiz… yeah that’s the ticket.

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