The Unmitigated Gaul

Taking into consideration the fact that people are often dealt with harshly because of blogs relating to work I’ll generalize as much as possible. I absolutely cannot stand when people make grand suppositions of ones availability to help and then leave the scene. Note this altered example.
Ex: Person from a separate department leaves a voicemail stating that they needed your conference room in an hour. And has the presence of mind to ends it with thanks. Laces it with innuendo that they had spoken of this before and then has the Unmitigated Gaul to not respond to your polite declination. “I’m sorry we are having a meeting of our own in there in an hour” Nothing no response, no come back, But you bet your ass they will be there in an hour.

I am confronted with a similar situation here, and am attempting to go about everything though the proper channels, but still no response. I’ll see what crops up after I leave, which is the supposed start time for this request…

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