The Day is over:

After a long day of work, almost nonstop work, I usually find that I am less tired then when I started. However today is not one of those days. I feel run down. I mean like drug behind a car run down. Days like today feel as if there was someone watching over you waiting for you to screw up.

Lots of things in life, especially outside of work to do. The more things pile up outside of work or inside of work for that matter I find myself stealing time from one place or the other to attempt to balance the whole system out. Then I sabotage things by playing video games for an hour or so. I’m not sure if this is a ramble or not but I wonder if anyone else has the trouble I have getting up in the morning. I turn off my alarm without hearing or remembering it. I walk about and fall asleep on random surfaces in the apartment. I sat down on the couch today to wait for coffee, and fell asleep for a couple minutes. This is a normal occurrence. I’m beginning to think I need an alarm equipped with a BB gun shoot me in the ass if I fall back asleep, it would probably need wheels to in case I get out of range. But that contraption leaves itself very open to abuse. Imagine a younger sibling running around with an alarm clock on its heels. Hmm I might have a new project.

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