The fog of war:

Sometimes things don’t work out like they should. Last night I said to myself, self lets have a drink before bed, not only will it relax you but you need one. Now I can barely think. I sit here in my living room / dining area and I swear to you that I could probably fall asleep right here on this laptop. I think work should be strictly optional as long and not to many people care if your gone. 4 days a week sound about right. sanity here I come.

Never the less. In response to my earlier article about lack of respect, I’d like to update. The person in question not only showed up after I was gone but managed to reopen a whole series of problems that I honestly don’t feel like dealing with now I am stuck attempting to quiet this situation while I have other much more important things going on in my life. A wedding, namely. Today is the day when I finish printing the inserts for the invitations. I might just lock myself into my office to start things in motion when I get it. I really hope I have some coffee waiting for me. Until next time

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