Be on Time,

Why is it that earlier in life I always tried to follow the guidelines set forth by the establishment, and others who broke rules, missed deadlines ect had their work given the same shrift as my own, punctual work. I almost never turned things in late. Now I am in the position for punishing those who are late and attempting to give those who are on time the benefit of the resources of the department.

I find it hard to turn away people who are crying, so I usually give in. I hate sob stories so I often give in. This propensity towards acquiescence is getting me into trouble. I find myself more and more becoming the fallback for those who simply do not respect or acknowledge the rules. There is one behavior that drives me crazy. I mean absolutely bat-shit loco, is when I stand firm on a rule yet they students go around me and have their friends use the system for them. I think I need to start breaking people’s wills.

I’m going to have to change the rules and make them stick. The rules must become firm, fair and absolute. No exceptions for lackluster effort to gain the same credibility and consideration as those students who make the extra effort to comply with guidelines and deadlines.

Sounds good but will it last

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