Capitulation: A study concerning the fall of the pompous

I was and still am a longtime PC (IBM clone, for the older geeks) user. I consider myself a power user. I write, I game, and I network with my PC. I build my own systems. As a lab manager for a large university I found myself in the position of needing to be more and more familiar, intimately familiar, with Apple products. I have to say I love to simple yet clean way they accomplish most tasks. I now hold myself as a dual boot personality. I work just as simply on mac’s and PC’s.

The story above is concerning Apple’s final capitulation into the world of two button mice. I have had three major problems with apple hardware since my introduction to it in grade school. These complaints are the lack of a second mouse button, the lack of an eject button and the lack of a shell system. OS X fixed the shell system by incorporating UNIX / linux, admittedly crippled in certain ways, but markedly better than DOS. Now the second mouse button. I’m telling you add an eject button and I might have to buy a Mac for home

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