A word safari: Hunting the elusive Day off from work.

Ah yes the day of from work, an elusive animal. Often seen hovering around the end of the week or clustering with ritual events. Noted to be considered by those who partake of it, as both refreshing and relaxing. Many stories have surfaced concerning the possible ritual significance of the number of these in a year, but reports are inconclusive.

We have heard vague accounts of a subspecies of the beast known as a “sick day” and these have been found in both guilt free and guilty varieties. The day off is a cousin of the vacation time, although they may not be crossbred it is often easy to confuse solitary vacation time with a day off.

Vacation time is known to travel in packs usually in groups of 5 -7 at a time. Known for its even more relaxing and refreshing effect on those who partake of it. It is also much more rare. Consume both with caution, as individuals have been know to incur regulatory penalties if they consume too many of either in a short span of time. Join us next time when we investigate the smallest member of the Time off family, the coffee and cigarette breaks.

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