Bells will be ringing

I only have three weeks until I am married. Within that three weeks I probably have 4 weeks worth of things to do. I think I might have gotten myself in over my head when it comes to crafty stuff. The fiancé and I decided a while ago that we would make the card box for people to drop cards into. It was going to be a mailbox first, frilly white and purple. Then it was going to be a House, a miniature little house with pictures of use in the windows. Now we finally decided upon a faux wedding cake.

I never thought I would be staying up late at night putting extra frilly touches on a faux wedding cake, let alone be using the word faux this many times. Faux is a word you use to show you know it. Anyway, faux tangent aside, I honestly can’t wait to see how this works out. When everything is finally done and over with, when we are back from the honeymoon / island getaway. I honestly can’t wait to start the net chapter in my life, soon to be our life. Should be a trip.

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