Upon Naming Conventions

Working at a large university I often encounter the problem whether or not to limit possible offensive conduct and materials. Our office in charge of printing poster sized documents is often called to print protest posters and the like. The only way we avoid this is to print only departmental related documents, as the ink is funded through them. But If this were a general use lab I would defend peoples right to print whatever they pleased.

This brings me to naming conventions. I remember back when I was creating a logon name, and thus an online identity, I agonized over it. I when through all different permutations of names I had worked on, only to arrive at Pzul. Playing online games for hours on end allows one to sample the collective wit and depravity of that sect of humankind nice enough to grace the world with their creations. I get disturbed not by the mere fact that people are stupid and vulgar, nor that they wish to go around being known as vaginaface4, but the fact that there are quite possibly at least one more person who had the same idea for a name. If your going to be a moron and name yourself asspony, don’t be the moron who has to be asspony912, it shows a distinct lack of originality in your choice.

I’m Pzul on XboX and most other things as well, so if you see me drop me a line I’ll play some Halo, or whatever if I see you.

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