Linux Diary: Day 1 : sub 2

Ok so its now been 2 hours of working on the OS and I can’t get the NVidia drivers to work correctly. I installed the system with no problems. My first mistake was attempting to run the YaST update without reading any documentation, I like to try and figure things out on my own… dumb me. So I didn’t realize that you need to not only select the updates for download but tell them to install as well.

After I figured that out I installed and restarted the computer, not to sure if this was necessary but it’s a habit from windows. Now I don’t have a GUI… so I’ve spent the last hour or so on my Mac, looking through forums for information. I might just reinstall the OS tomorrow and attempt it again… Just had to update this to reflect the changes. BTW apparently the Nvidia problem with Suse is a big problem… wish I had looked into this before hand…

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