Linux Diary: Day 1

Entering into a new realm of computing. I long ago figured out that it is not my place in this world to be really good at anything. It was more my place to know a bit about damn near everything. That being said I fit the job I have now perfectly. Tech support for a local university is a challenging and exciting field. I am called upon to support Mac and PC environments and a wide range of applications.

I am as I write this installing my third concurrent OS to be placed both at home and in work. So in both places I will be running Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.3, and now Suse 9.2. I have a nice learning curve ahead of me. It was a pain in the ass getting my cell phone and Pocket PC to talk to the Mac, I have a whole rafter of challenges ahead for getting them to talk to and SYNC with the Linux box. I am toying with the idea of setting up a Linux only box at home to be a file server. We’ll see how the funds hold out for that one.

So far i have worked on as my primary machine at one point or another Digital Unix 5.0b-d, Open BSD, Mac OS 7.5- 10.3, and Windows 95-XP (but never ME, ::shivers::), and finally DOC 3.3 – 6.2. Wow, not bad for someone with a degree in Anthropology. Now to add Suse to the list. I’ll be attempting to keep updating this blog daily with my switching. Including how I manage to get the Linux box to work with Windows, Active Directory, Possibly network to my Mac amoung other things.

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