The Linux Diary: Day 2

Ok so a day of small victories and setbacks. I started off attempting to get around my problem yesterday concerning the aforementioned broken graphics drivers. Now this being said I don’t consider myself dumb, stupid, perhaps dense at times but not much more. I have a dual monitor display on my workstation, yesterday I was viewing all of the Linux dialog on the larger, primary display. No problem, I honestly wasn’t looking to go dual yet on Suse. So I had the second display off. All of the text appeared on the primary display, no worries. I even gave a half assed attempt to add the second monitor yesterday so I left it off.

Yeah… so today I forget and turn on both monitors. Machines boots, boot sequence and all relative data flows on the Primary as before… Lilo shows up on the primary as before… and then for some unknown reason the damn OS comes up on the SECOND monitor… and try as I might I can not load the primary monitor into the dual display dialog… I am confused.

Well all this has been rendered moot. Decree from above, which I should have know about had I paid attention. Our university ha a contract to use RedHat, so even though I’ve been rocking it Suse style I am strongly encouraged to rock the RedHat. So I stand here defeated, slightly. I’ll snag the ISO on Monday and start fresh with that. I still might give Suse a go at home for shits and giggles. Maybe even try SuSE, RedHat, and XP on the same machine… All of this should give me a good idea what OS I want my fileserver to run on in the near future. I’ll keep you posted.

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