Live 8: The Message the media and the masses

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you LIVE 8 news, 2 days old and several dollars short. It was in fact a fabulous show and I was very happy to have been there I was, however the victim of the rumor mill, and expected to see certain people there who were not, P. Diddy, Brad Pitt, who went to London, shit I would have gone to London too if I had the chance, Bruce Springsteen. However besides the complete communication breakdown which seemed to happen about two hours in I think the day went well. For some reason everyone I knew who had T-Mobile was unable to make phone calls for about 5 hours, Verizon worked fine for me, I was loaning my phone out.

Let me preface the next couple of comments with the simple statement that I like most people from Philadelphia have a sever inferiority complex, both about our city and how it is represented, as well as how we are treated. We often don’t help ourselves but anywhoo. Philly was by far the largest collection of people actually at the concert, our lineup was put together poorly and without a closing bang. London was top heavy with big name superstars but limited the number of people seeing the show. We had almost three times as many people, and we just didn’t have close to the star power. The message for those people there was spliced with borderline political messages as well. I didn’t appreciate the insinuation of Kanye West that Aids was engineered and released into the Africa community, nor did I enjoy the Def Poetry. I thought both were out of place and counterproductive.

Philly Done good on the whole though, Philly Done Good. Will Smith stole the show early on, with poignant, pointed and direct comments on the state of things in Africa. Interdependence day, nice touch. The best performances of the day have the god to Will Smith, for a damn good set, Linkin Park / JayZ for pure power. Dave Matthews gave a good set but took his sweet ass time getting started, unfortunately the deamons of scheduling place low key acts in bad positions.

BTW from most of the people who i talked with and all the coverage i’ve seen after the fact all of the TV stations who carried the so called non stop live coverage suck ass. No VJ’s during comfortably numb, no commercials during the middle of the frigging songs. How watered down does this have to be. How about one sponsefor for the hour, charge an arm and a leg, and plaster their logo in the one corner for that time period, but no you had to F**K up historic preformances. Great job ass.

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