Concerning Novels

OK so I’ll try to write this post again. I wrote it before only to have the popup blocker erase it when I went to spell check it. I find myself feeling the need to write, not just teen angst poetry, which I’ve outgrown. Nor haunty poetic tripe, which I could easily spew. I want to write a book that at the very minimum one other person could engross themselves into. I want to create a world which people could travel. Not simply recreate older stories but have the world feel real.

TOlkien, my idol, did not write stories, novels or sagas. He merely told the history of a world not yet discovered. He created people, languages, places, history cosmology, political rivalries. His world drew breath. Some writers feel content to create stories told against the backdrop of funny names. He created tales which wove their way through a history book yet written. No one has since found a way to match his works, nor has a single author go to the extent that he did to realize his world. Middle Earth was there, it sits over my desk and each name beckons. Everything has a description, a story a person. I can only hope to capture a piece of that feeling in my work.

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