Blogging Software

Ok so I’m giving a shot to a new style of blogging here. I am trying various software for the mac, as it is my primary workstation these days. At first i was looking for an open source client, to no avail. Secondly i was looking for a low priced option. We’ll see which fairs the best in the coming days. So far this client ecto is pretty good, i believe it uses the native Mac dictionary file as it doesn’t even recognize its own name as being a valid word, nor does it recognize blogger, a supported vendor. Oh well. interactive spell checking is BIG on my my list things to have, as well as a smooth interface.

I’ll be reporting back over the next couple of days to see if this is indeed worth the money. Free trials all the way baby. Integration with iPhoto, nice but i uninstalled that bloated software first off, now if they had PICASA for the mac i could so rock that software, not a fan of iPhoto’s duplicating pictures, twice the mem needed. If anyone knows how to turn that off i would gladly use it. I like keeping my folder structure intact.

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