Boy am I a lazy mother. I can’t seem to get going on anything. Did you ever read stats on the occurrence of something only to find it eerily true. Apparently I am 10 times more likely to submit art to DeviantArt on a Wednesday than any other weekday. Weird, yes, but then the other day I found myself wishing to share the latest photograph I found artistic, and sure enough after I clicked submit I remembered that it was Wednesday I should have held out to make Thursday feel better, damn you Wednesday.
Now for my top list of products I wish to see in the next 6 months, the sooner the better. No particular order.

1.) Picasa / Hello for Macs.: I am on my laptop so much more often than my PC so it would make blogging a b it smoother.
2.) A good RPG for Xbox worth buying.
3.) A pure black 40 gb ipod (cheap would be nice too but hey), non of that branded U2 poo
4.) A connection kit to hook my ipod into my Chevy Equinox, without cutting wires.
5.) An external Hardrive, powered by firewire that works on my PC on my Mac without problems that I have been having, should also be small enough to use on the go, say around 100gb would be nice.
6.) That should do it. Oh and enough cash to buy all that crap.

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