How dumb am I let me count the ways. Well now. This weekend my lovely wife was headed off to New York with her chica’s when i was attempting to be a good sport and top off the fluids in my truck for her. yeah nice gesture, perhaps i should use the correct fluids next time. No i added De-Icer to the coolant tank, yeah Brilliant! ok after a brief check on the ingredients she needed to take the truck to new York over night. Ok done. Gets back early this afternoon, with no problems. Beginning to think its alright. Take it to the service center to get a coolant system flush and its takes them 4 hours, so i end up being late to a surprise party ,never a good thing. Could have been worse the engine could have exploded i guess but it was just bad enough to piss me off for most of the night…. Brilliant

.Missing Picture?

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