Well tonight’s episode of Lost was great, even though I called the shocker for the night as soon as they began to set it up. Why bother going through the slight of hand involved in hiding a person’s face only to introduce a developed character, by flashback. Eh whatever, the writers have definitely not taken the public’s trust for granted. Great episode, using the popularity to launch another sci-fi / Drama was brilliant. I watched straight through invasion. If they keep that time slot, set the way it is I’ll be watching for a good long time.

You may be wondering why I have a screenshot of DeviantArt up in this blog.. Well frankly so am I I’ve been using this application called Hello, to pop out a lot of my picture blogs and I’ve found that barring the absence of a spellchecker, and a way to add titles to my blogs this program is perfect. Quick easy and painless. GOOGLE, drop a spellchecker, and a menu for title in an easy to locate place and I’ll use this application solely. I love it. Anywhoo. The screenshot is care of a button at the top of IE which allows you to send screenshots right to you blog, Brilliant (mmm Guinness!)

.Missing Picture?

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