The Shiny Box

Well with the new episode of Lost and Invasion out tonite I was prepared for an action packed double feature if you know what I’m saying. I was not disappointed by the new show Invasion (hell they even went so far as to create a phoney blog by the nutty uncle to promote the concepts behind the story.) However I was a little disappointed by Lost. It had such hype associated with this week. “All questions will be answered” my ass. It merely retold last weeks episode from a different point of view. Apparently the Others are bigger and meaner than the current crash victims. Nothing to deep here just random observations.

Ok one final but small thought on the way news media is attempting to involve technology in their news casts. “A online chat” bullpoo. All you do is read from a screen and attempt to explain notations such as LOL and LMAO to the even dense anchor. Fancy thinking box indeed. At the very least, unlike other stations they didn’t spread any technology half-truths. Fox does enough of that for the rest. Next time I here one I’ll pass it along.

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