I have to tell you i

I have to tell you, it is hard to lead a life of a Philadelphia sports fan. Rooting for the team with a professional sports franchise record for loses, Phillies, a football team which has only been to two Superbowls in 40 years, a hockey team which hasn’t won it all in thirty years. But its not like there are no good moments, sure we have big name free agent signings, two years to late, or almost victories. But to get close and never taste the prize is horrible.

Let me simplify this whole equation. I’m 25, the last time we drank from the Cup I was 3. I’m I wasn’t terribly into basketball at the time to be quite honest I was still looking for a nice binky to sleep on. I’m an avid Football, Hockey and Baseball fan. Each spoirt inspires different emotions in me. Each team chooses to kill me in a different yet wonderful way. I’ve seen two Stanely Cup runs end in the finals, on in disgrace another in muted glory, Hextal being the first MVP from a non wining team in 87, but I was 7 so again wasn’t to interested. FOUR straight appearances in the NFC Championship game. 3 straight losses couples with a drubbing in the super bowl. And I was 13 when Joe Carter dashed our hopes in 93. When will this end? So Go Phillies, Go Cubs (if they win we get one final shot at Houston for the wild Card). Go Birds, and on Wednesday, Go Flyboys.

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