Of Hockey and Other things:

Random Thoughts of the day:
Every time they fix the elevator in my office building they throw away trash cans full of wire, yet I never see anything new go in…

Squeaky Gym Machines, ever go to the gym get on a machine and yours is the one to make that horrible screech every time you pedal? Can’t move, all the good ones are taken, and everyone looks at you like you’re the asshole who broke the thing. I turn my headphones up and pretend I don’t know its making any noise at all.

Of Parenting:
My father was not particularly into sports. He was ok with them in general but not a fan. This put me at a distinct disadvantage with other males my age. I didn’t watch the Superbowl until I was 8, and then again until I was 18. So I decided I would learn as much as I could about sports by watching them, I turned into an avid fan and was able to converse with most people adequately. Now I face a dilemma. Being as overzealous as I am I didn’t just watch them, no I studied them. Baseball from my youth, hockey in my teens and football thereafter. I still love all three. But now when people on the street ask me what I think of the Birds chances this year do I dumb my opinion down?
Yeah they’ll do fine just wait and see.

Or should I give them what I really think? Well the offensive line is doing a pretty good job holding up the pocket around McNabb so I see no reason why with our defense we should have any problems winning the division, but the playoffs bring a whole new ballgame we might have trouble keeping everyone healthy all year long.

See my problem. I think too much.

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