Concerning Pain:

Ok brief synopsis. I recently broke my streak of staying out of the doctors office with a marathon session, concerning ailments which had been afflicting me in one way or another for about two years. The foremost of which being a planters wart… So I have been taking care of myself dutifully for about a month now, getting my knee looked at having the foot issues dealt with and looking at back problems. Back still hurts, because I’m dumb and like to lift things I shouldn’t. knee still hurts because I haven’t been able to commit to the gym. And I just went in for my foot problem yesterday. After two weeks of treatment which overall wasn’t to painful, we found out that it wasn’t working as planned. So again with the treatment, he tried a much more aggressive attempt this time. Ok so no pain last night but when I awoke this morning it felt like a red hot nail sitting in my foot. As I drift through the day I’m seriously considering going home this just sucks.

Oh well. That’s enough for right now.

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