The long, not too much of the short and everything else Concerning IT

Here’s the skinny. I work for a university where it is my job to fix people’s computers and make sure they stay that way. I run a lab. So when I get home the last thing I need to do is screw with problems on my machine that I built. So for the past week I have been fighting with my workstation, as it restarts randomly. Power Supply seems fine, installed a UPS to even out the current coming into it. NOTHING works. So now after bitching and moaning I come across the possibility that I could have a short behind the motherboard. WONDERful.

I loosen the connection and go to push the ATX power cord in and the damn thing turns on by itself… yeah by itself. Me no touchy any buttons… I shut it off, unplug the : expletive deleted: and reseat everything. Its doing it less but now I know I need to take the machine apart and insulate the back of the motherboard. This should be fun…

Ok so that’s not what I came to talk to you about today I came to talk about the draft… err I mean I came to talk to you about organizing my graphic work.

I have a terrible time following directions. Its hard enough for me to get a piece of artwork out, I swear its like giving birth through my eyeball or something. Which would be incredibly difficult being I’m male and eyeballs don’t work that way. That’s neither here nor there. I somehow submitted a series of pieces to DeviantArt which were either HUGE and one could only see a smidgen of the piece on the screen at any one time. Or somehow corrupted to file completely. SO I sat here and wondered why more people didn’t comment on my obviously talented and groundbreaking work. Sarcasm folks, sarcasm. I began to throw out all of the crap on my iPod, nee briefcase for transferring work betwixt laptop of Apple descent and bastard of a PC. This process took over 4 hours to complete. And its only sorta there. I gave thins named untitled names, I threw crap and corrupted files away. I also merged sections together to create a more conducive atmosphere to work and save that work in. We’ll see how it works out.

I also managed to resubmit several old piece with new sizes and better resolution. We’ll see if anyone notices. All I need to do now is fix my print section. I’m still undecided about getting a print account because I honestly don’t know if anyone would buy my crap. And why get a print account if you drop money in the well and don’t get a wish. I Honestly hope one day to get someone I don’t know, never saw to think something I did is worthy of putting up in their home. Wow, lon little rant. I’ll be double posting this in DeviantArt and my Blog.

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