Ends are odd,

Actually making mental notes of late to drop little tid bits into this blog see how it goes.
NHL: Great new rules, love the flow of the game. Every game has the tendency to be exciting and each play letal. But enough is enough I think there should be some serious shit thrown down concerning diving to draw the penalty. Perhaps if the refs don’t catch it a fine after league review ala NFL discipline style. The dive might slack off and fewer people might become Scuba certified but in the new league we need to get rid of the last vestige of stuttering games. One last thought on hockey, let them fight… tonight I saw two guys get pulled off the ice for a double minor for jawing at each other. Ridiculous, let them go at it. People love a good fight now and then.

Driving in the Rain: Anyone else notice that even when your not out to race the guy in the lane next to you, if he starts to go a little bit faster than you you might speed up a bit, in between lights. What follows is a ballet, a slow motion NASCAR race from light to light. Until finally you both look down and realize your about to trade paint at 75 mph, it really just started as you doing 15 in a school zone and he does 17. Funny

The Dick lane: After a sporting event, and during morning rush, the exit lane on the highway turns into what I like to call the dick lane. Legitimate use of the exit lane include exiting, and not much else. It does not include riding the side for 2 miles and cutting into southbound traffic at the last minute. Rule number one of the dick lane, don’t make eye contact with the people your about to cut off, and pick your bitch. Survey the traffic as you pass it, find the one guy just a hair of a second slower than the rest and pounce on his ass, cut him off, even wave to him if you feel so inclined.

Morning rush: wouldn’t a more apropos term be morning sit. No one is rushing anywhere, your all sitting there bitching about each other’s driving habits. That ass in the SUV just cut me off, that bimbo yakking on her cell phone in the KIA, damn near took my mirror off. Ever star at people in the car next to you and wonder what they are thinking? I swear to god I get to work some mornings and don’t remember anything after cereal, and possibly a cup of coffee. I don’t drive to work, I float. Judging by the look on other people’s faces they do too.

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