Odds and Ends:

Just some random thoughts throughout my day.
Gym: Why is it that when a machine is broken and you choose that machine most people stick to it, I’m not talking squeaky, which I talked about before, but actually physically broken, shit hanging off and the like? Some people just don’t know when to quit.

Walking: Two young ladies walking behind me discussing life and it sounded like this.
Lady1: Did you hear that he did, like real good on that test?
Lady 2: I know he has some kinda photogenic memory or sumthin.
Lady 3: I know, right!

Frankly I’m scared at this point. Not only did the one person say photogenic but the other thought it was the right word as well.

This happened a while ago but I just had to share:
Its Broken: Two students sitting in a lab at a computer with a sign on it, saying it was out of order. Students remove the sign, with me working on the computer right next to it and proceed to attempt to log in. After, I swear to god, 12 or 13 attempts EACH. Then they turn to me and say the line I play over in my head when I want to smile.
>Them–>“So… I think this computer is broken?”
-Me—>“No, its not broken I just had the sign on there because it looked good with the outfit it had on. ”Bill Engvall somewhere back in my head piped up
Them–>::Confused Stare::
Them–> “Are you going to fix it?”
Me–>“No I think I’ll let it rest a bit its had a rough week.”
Me–>”I’ll get to it as soon as I an, would you mind putting the sign back on so other people can know its broken.”

— ::: And now we return you to the Music of Ramon Raquello & his orchestra::: —
—- ::: Playing: Little White Lies ::: —

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