Nuggets of Truth:

I was watching this person in the car next to me the other day, and he was signing. I should have been driving, but it’s a trade off in the morning sit. I was tempted to roll through the dial to see if it was on the radio. Decided against it. I just want out there to know if your signing, talking or bobbing your head, and there is no one else in your vehicle you look mighty silly.

Concerning Driving Habits: I have made an effort to cull through the various assholes on the road to get down to the root malfunction of some people. I have about an 1 commute each way might as well do something constructive. So I study you all. Ok here are some of the categories I’ve come up with so far.

Long Stoppers: These road apples slam their brakes in response to the car a quarter of a mile ahead of them brake action. They react as if they are about to hit an imaginary car in front of them. Tunnel vision per say? Side effects of the Long stopper include people cutting in front of you from the dick lane, see previous post, brake wear and tear. And of course stress. Natural Habitat: the slow lane, or in front of you when your tired.

Just Enoughs: These are the people who go just slow, or fast enough to prevent you from a desired lane change, exit ramp, forward progress. The can also manifest as a person going just slow enough to irritate the hell out of you, while speeding up if you attempt to pass you. Side effects of the Just Enoughs include: Premature balding, missed exits, terets syndrome. Natural habitat: Middle lane, when you need to make good time. The middle lane is prime location for the Just enough as they can effect people on both sides of them, regarding the absence of a middle lane the just enough is most likely found in the fast lane.

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