There is no joy in Mudville

The might eagles have fallen. Alright so I’m more than a bit late on this topic but I feel that I had to weigh in on it from a slightly different angle. Here is one thing I have a problem with professional sports. The fans, or as we shall refer to them as, the mob are delighted and saddened by the success and failure of their local teams. However these teams are made up of people from all across the country. Lately with the proliferation of free agency, the watering down of the overall talent pool, sports has taken to renting players for a year or two and cutting them loose.

Fans focus their energy and their money on showing their affiliation with a franchise, going so far as to taunt people from other fan bases. But the gladiators themselves, The players, and participants in these sports do not share their fervor. Some minor bit players will become so attached to place that they will live there. But with the lure of bigger money elsewhere, the players never really get attached. The players very rarely feel any real commitment to the fans base. They insert clichés into their speech to appease the fans. “The fans here are second to none,” I wouldn’t want to take away the few grains of heartfelt sentiment that some of these men actually feel for their adopted city. But come on, your from Miami, you play in Philly and you live in Phoenix, which city-state do you pledge allegiance to. If a civil war started today and you had to pick a state army to fight for who would it be? Fans in south Philly and all over the Delaware Valley are broken this year because their well oiled machine from last year sprung a leak. Its not that the players, after the game care about wins or losses, because they do. Its that they don’t care which side wins or looses, as long as they win. We care for the Eagles to win, but the players…

If you traded Dawkins to New York 5 days ago, right now he would be a happy man. While the fans here would still feel the same. His team would have won today. But we can’t get traded, you can’t just pick another team. You bleed green. Trade me to a contender at midseason… bullshit you get to ride out the last leg of this shit-storm with the rest of us. Shit I want to get traded to Boston, I would inherit a team that commentators fawn over, Talk shows suckle and have won 3 of the last 4 years. No I was born in Philadelphia and even if I moved watching a game with the Birds playing the Pats I would yearn deep down in my heart for the Birds to kick the ever living shit out of them.

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