A Little Old a Little New:

Ok so its bit quite a while since my last post and I can only assume that this post will be the first in several all right in a row, so if anyone is reading these then you might want to space the next few out for a couple months. Alrighty then.

Yeah so I’m an ass, really. I live to be contrary. I resisted the whole myspace phenom mostly because the people who wanted me to join I see damn near every weekend. Why do I need to be your friend online? I put up with your ass on a regular basis. Yeah so I eventually made a profile so I could snoop around other people’s lives and waste some time on slow days. Well now people from high school, who rock, are finding me. This is now a much better networking tool than classmates. Not to much profound to say today just wanted to start up the thinking process again. If Google ever releases a picasa / hello client for Mac I’ll be much more faithful with the blogging endeavor I swear. I’m on my mac more than my PC of late, and I really don’t want to pay for a blogging client just for spellcheck and a quick way to drop photo’s in.

PSST. Google… hows about a nice spell check and title block in hello, then I might be persuaded to use it a bit more often.
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—- ::: Playing: Little White Lies ::: —

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